Fire & Ice in Private Collection
Sculpture Information
Dimensions 1300mm (h) x 500mm (w) x 400mm (d)
Materials Dichroic Glass
Current Location Private Collection Brisbane, QLD
Authenticity Print Certificate

FIRE & ICE is a sculpture made with dichroic glass. The glass glows red when facing a dominant light source, the reverse will always be blue.

The Sculpture Experience

Fire & Ice is best positioned facing east in a large foyer or courtyard. The effect will then show blue glass in the morning when the sun is rising behind it. When the sun sets in the west and the light of the house/building shines towards the sculpture, a red glow will appear. Changing your viewing angle will also result in colour changes, for example moving up or down stairs and looking at the glass from another height.

The Shape

The negative space (cut out area) in between the 2 panels of glass, forms a superellipse. This ellipse is also called a “Lamé Curve”, the shape between a square and a circle (sometimes nicknamed a “squircle”). I was fascinated with this shape, and was looking for an opportunity to use it in my sculptures, it was just so different. Now I see it quite often around me, for example the yellow plastic container inside a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg or designer table tops. The curve I chose for Fire & Ice was set to n=2.6

The Glass

The glass is 20mm structural laminated GJ ColourShift dichroic glass, made by G.James. This glass is strong enough to stand frameless, grouted into the concrete plinth. It can withstand being outdoors, but an indoor setting will prolong the life of the sculpture.

The Visual Effect

Visual effects involving movement and light appeals with me. Which is why this glass caught my eye, it reminds me of the fluid movement of water and the opposite side of fire. The effect will continue to change and surprise you.

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