Sculpture projects for 2024

Jaco Roeloffs
Feb 20, 2024
2 min read

2023 was a quiet year for me and making sculpture. I started with sculpture in 2018 and you are receiving this newsletter as a someone I have met and/or worked with during this time, or a family member or friend. Thank you for your support in making my sculpture work a success. All I can say is I started off with a bang and now things are going slower. There are reasons I have and to be honest it has been quite tough the last 2 years.

Behind the scenes I have made a new website for myself and started a list of subscribers (you). If you would prefer not to be added to my database, there is an unsubscribe link in the email below.

I will be using this medium, email and website, to share with you my upcoming projects and what I am working on. These updates will be occasional and sent only when I have a reasonable amount of news to share.

Sometimes (most of the time) I have new ideas and designs for commissions that that may not exist yet, and many ideas that get rejected. These projects have considerable effort put in and I will share them with you as well.

Anyway, I love making sculpture and will continue to do so, even with all the setbacks. Thanks again for being a part of this journey with me.

A few things to share.

  • I have started a web hosting business for Artists! It's called New Developments Web Hosting.
    • Like my own website, I offer website hosting where you can have your own membership access and Newsletter functionality for your audience and more.
  • I am building a custom woodfire Barbecue Grill for our new home. The project is called BRIAR.
    • The briar rose theme is connected to my childhood on a rose farm. This is what a grill would look like made by a sculptor! Have a look at BRIAR Woodfire Grill.
  • I have set up an exhibition with sculptor friends of mine. We have 23 sculptures on display. This is a great experience for me showing sculpture in Brookfield. Head over to Brookfield Sculpture to see the sculptures.
  • I sold one of my sculptures Vortex II at the Brisbane Grammar Art show last year.

Looking ahead

Thank you for reading this far into the email. I am available for 2 sculpture commissions this year and if you know of any schools or institutions interested in sculpture, please let me know. My portfolio for Schools in particular, is growing. More about that in my next newsletter where I will be writing about the role of art in STEAM education and how ciphers unlock curiosity.

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