My full Manifesto. This is my view on Sculpture and Art. I live it everyday.

Through discovery and experiences, I seek to enrich the lives of others. In a culture where individuality and appreciation of unique perspectives is real, I’m exploring a revolution of the heart from the heart of nature.

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.”
– Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Each of us has the opportunity to decide our legacy. And to do this the right way requires that we dare to care, to have faith, to love those less connected, all with equal passion. For me, this work is a responsibility, an expression of love: the love that connects human beings to each other, to our planet, and to the universe.

All of life is in motion. We move and live in defined spaces, exploring an unlimited spiritual dimension. We need to move. Moving my body activates my whole being, I move my thinking from head to heart. As we explore, nature’s profound intelligence can guide us. Like being in water, in the flow of the smallest molecule of life, an awareness of structure and dimension emerges. It’s clear and integral.

For me, immersion in the most natural element of all, water, is balm. Calm, powerful, the deep blue can bring us to the last moment of life. And renew us. I’m fascinated with ways water connects humans with nature. I seek to reveal these through my work. Movement and energy determine the outcome. Our heart thinking seems to arise from every cell in our body once we are active and we communicate at a cohesive, holistic level.

I’m Intrigued by the rules of harmonious composition found in nature. The child in us wakes up as we observe a sense of impossible perfection. We have the courage to explore nature and its design, technology, natural power, spiritual dimension. Melding these in ways that enrich our human experience, our sense of connection, and relationships. We have a duty to care about the impact we have on people around us and our natural environment.

My family were horticulturists. My mother’s large floral arrangements for church events and weddings filled our home. Watching her create these using flowers and other natural forms was an early inspiration. Because of my growing up on a horticultural farm where things were made and waste materials often discarded, my earliest explorations were informed by first principles. We reason through a process beginning with the most basic forms and purest elements we know to be true, rather than reasoning by comparison.

As we see and experience at a heart level the visual space we move through daily, it’s possible to think about ways to improve our surroundings. Instead of looking at something else that’s been done, I focus on the possibilities within the materials I find.Here is always a bold idea, a space, and a leap of faith. Through this exploration, I make sculptural installations that display kinetic movement and invite immersion into peaceful and serene space. I look at context first and uncover optical effects that fascinate me. Materials like dichroic glass, aluminium and steel mingle with nature’s elements and light sources to surprise the viewer.

At the heart of this creative process is an expression of vitality. I seek out a path to happiness, to paradise, the optimistic way. I care about every millimetre of the sculptural visualisation in each iteration from conception through to completion. Ever in search of Ariadne’s red thread, many possibilities and models take form as a visualisation emerges in its truest shape.

“Never stop thinking, never take things at face value, never accept the illusion that you really understand everything about a subject, and never accept any theory as final. ‘Life is Process’ – a dynamic, ongoing, never-ending search over the rainbow, beyond morning, into the Unknown. Ask the next question.”  
– Theodore Sturgeon

Energy that seems invisible becomes visible in the moment the viewer interacts with a visual installation. Fresh awareness is created. These visual revelations can function as activators, reviving the vital potential for movement in us and the world around us. I focus on making this experience happen.

“Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it’s impossible to turn back.”
– Henry Rollins

We’re energised by glimpsing the interaction between man-made structures and natural elements. It helps us to focus on our contexts. Like oxygen, the creation and appreciation of something beautiful is essential for loving and healthy human habitats and lifestyles. I aim to unveil the possible.

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