Boardroom Table

Glass and Propeller table - Boardroom edition

Jaco Roeloffs
Jul 2, 2019
3 min read
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Glass and propeller Table
Glass and marine propeller table

Together with Ingot Foundry and Marine we designed and fabricated a boardroom table.


The project started knowing we are going to use 2x marine propellers to support a long rectangular glass table top.

Polished Marine propeller
2 Marine Propellers destined to be a Boardroom table base
Two Polished Marine propellers to be used for the table


The first step of my process was to offer a suitable and complimentary glass table top shape.

The superellipse was chosen by the customer and from there we refined the design.

Base design

The base was designed and fabricated by Ingot. The steel base sheet was scaled down to match the shape of the glass table top.

Alternative base and support designs

Glass Propeller Table Concept 1
Glass Propeller Table Concept 2 - With conical gusset
Glass Propeller Table Concept 3 - With faceted gusset
Glass Propeller Table Concept 4 - With fancier curved gusset

Final Dimensions

Length: 3500mm
Width: 1502mm
Height: 740mm

Fabricating the base

The base is made of laser cut steel in the same shape to match the table top. After fabrication the steel was polished.

Cutting the glass

  • Specifications:
    • Custom shape: 3500mm x 1502mm CNC shape with 3 holes
    • 12mm low iron toughened
    • Edgework: Polished edges
The glass after being CNC cut at G.James

Installation practicalities

Before ordering the glass, we made sure the glass shape will fit in the elevator! We made a 1:1 version out of coreflute and took it up the highrise building.

The end result

Glass and propeller Table
Glass and marine propeller table

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