My favourite thing about Star Wars

Jaco Roeloffs
Nov 6, 2019
2 min read
IdeasStar Wars

Kerbside collection is great and sometimes when I see stuff like this, I can’t resist. So what has this got to do with Star Wars?

A beautiful shape to work with

Why I like this shape

By the time I brought the old satellite dish back home and offloaded it, I have already started thinking about what I can do with it. I then started thing why did I even do this, why did I stop to take this? That moment I realised why I liked it. It reminded me of the the Star Wars Death Star!

The Star Wars Death Star

I have never been a huge fan of the movie series, I might have watched about 2 of the “episodes”.

The “Star” is a spaceship unlike any other I have seen. It’s a miniature star/planet on its own! So intimidating! Apart from that, it’s the distinctive concave circle that is the main weapon for the spaceship. It looks a like a recessed satellite dish. This is the best design element from the movie for me.

My issue with collecting stuff

Sometimes I act quickly on an idea and finish it off with the momentum I build. But most of the time, there are many things stopping me from finishing what I started. Usually the excuses are time and money. Sometimes it’s because I don’t have a context or goal for it yet. This is when the hoarding starts.

An example is when I picked a retro phone booth about 8 years ago. It is still waiting for it’s time...

While the ideas for this were mulling around in my head, it also reminded me of the light tower in Alexandria, Egypt. The story of a light tower with a giant glass lens that would focus the sun rays into ships sailing in from across the Mediterranean. Love it!

Could easily make it fit

So much potential

At this stage I am thinking of using it in the garden as a lattice for a climber plant or to put light strips on. Watch this space.

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